Monday, February 28, 2011

Cam On WWE 1/03/2011

I can easily say i'm not the first person to be tottally disapointed by all the hype the promos of last weeks come backs including taker and HHH it was pretty obvious! but whats keeping me gripped on wwe raw recently is the GM storyline who is the Mystery GM i really wanna know! and the rock coming back wow my childhood hero is back the man i idolised as a child is back in the squared circle! as im a bout to watch raw right now ill catch you readers later check back tomoz for my views on tonights raw!!

Cam On Nba 1/03/2011

Wow busy week last week for trades! Melo and Big Shot Billups to Knicks, Baron Davis to the reforming Cavs, D-Will to Nets! Big Trades! As a Strong Heat Fan! Before the Lebron Era I Will Add! I Am Worried About the increasing threat that other teams are now posting with there big threes! Lakers (Kobe,Pau,Artest) Celtics (Allen,Peirce,Garnett) Knicks (Amare,Melo,Billups). With the up down season that the lakers have been posting so far we really never know how will take home the gold when the dust settles! A prime example was last nights NY MIA showdown which took the game down to wire when the New York took a 91-86 victory with Lebron missing a three to tie the game with 2 seconds left on the clock. The same happened in another game in the Western Game where LA took on OC with the game going right to the wire with a missed 3 at the buzzer to take it to over time! 90-87 in that game! All-Star weekend Last week was a serious day to watch and was unbevilably entertaining! Blake taking flight! Beiber getting MVP (Robbery)! Jones draining 3's over the all time leading 3pt scorer! Was a memorable weekend! Living here in england was hard for me to watch the events but my commitment to the game i stayed up late to watch the games online and was not let down!! I, Personally am a Massive Fan of Blake Griffin! That guy can fly and he is someone to watch for years to come! But the Car dunk was a little out played i have watched the video many times and you could see that he could of cleared the roof of the car! that would of been seriously impressive! not taking that away from blake but Ibakas Free Throw line dunk was something special! People are saying that the dunk contest is becoming slightly timid and boring but every year it has kept me gripped! I'll be back later with some more of my views on tonights games! Dont forget check out some of the links to the right help me out a little ;) >>>>

Cam On Football 28/02/2011

This weekends Carling Cup Final. Alot of my friends have argued with me saying that arsenal deserved to win! I strongly disagree not because im a tottenham fan but that birmingham hounded arsenal as good as any other team would!! And yes they were lucky in the final minutes of the game to get the mess up but all the bad luck they previously had prior to the goal like the waved away penalty in the opening minutes in the game. Fahey hitting the post too was another instance at were birmingham showed they had the fight to take it too arsenal and were rewarded!! Anybody disagree with me please post your views on why birmingham didnt deserve the victory. Also this weekend, Manchester City serious money spending still isnt benefitting them as they got a draw at home to Fulham! Not taking away the result from Fulham but Manchester City really do not deserve a top 4 spot! Manchester United on the other hand have really shown there really thrive for the title this season!! Sir Alex Ferguson seems to have the 'How To Win The Premier League' book all written down in the footballing brain of his! Liverpool on the other hand have really gone down hill since the sale of one Xabi Alonso. As a football fan i really was in awe of the passing ability of the Spaniards unbelievable passing ability! Since then liverpool have been ever dependant on captain fantastic Steven Gerrard! The signing of Luiz Suarez and Andy Carroll seem to have boosted them for the time being until they ran into a maybe newly reformed West Ham. If West Ham can hold on to Lynchpin Scott Parker then they might be in a shout of survival after acquiring the services of Robbie Keane and Ba should give the fire power they were missing! I think this is all for today on Football! Check Out My NBA Blog to Follow!

First Post

So here I am on the blogging hype. Guess I'll give you the low down on whats going to be going down on my blog. First of all my life revolves around sports mainly basketball, football and occasionally rugby. So these will be the main aspects of my blog. I also have a very passionate love for video games and movies so i will dabble into these categories from time to time. Although I am an avid fan of Tottenham Hotspur, whilst talking about football my opinions will stay on course and not be jaded to one side. Other teams I support are Miami Heat in the NBA and Gloucester Rugby. I spend most my day at university but whilst I'm free I check the goings on in the sporting industry. Any tips on what people want to see then comments will be very helpful! Thanks for reading!